360 VR Filmmaking MASTERCLASS - Video Production by CreatorUp

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Slide H U G H Wasup?
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Hugh here from
CreatorUp !

Let me tell you
about our 360°
VR Filmmaking

Slide Hugh Hou Working A B O U T This 360 VR Filmmaking Masterclass
encompasses my 7-year experience as
a VR Director, DP and Post-wizard
condensed into an in-depth, hands-on,
and FUN course. This is a course that
takes you from beginner to PRO
in cinematic VR filmmaking.

Slide D M U L E S

Slide Led by Hugh Hou & Sebastien Hameline (Hulu VR, Disney Star War’s Galaxy VR), chapter two is about VR cinematorgraphy. Learn the difference between monoscopic vs stereoscopic, framing, storyboarding, and camera movement in VR. Sebastien Hameline Cinematography CHAPTER TWO Chapter three will help you to decide what is the best camera in terms of budget, level of control, and post-production. We will talk about sensor, dynamic range, framerate, bit-depth, codecs, and image stabilization.
We will also cover how to prep VR cameras, how to light the subject in VR and how to create clean plates.
Hugh Hou Rover VR Cameras CHAPTER THREE
What makes VR filmmaking so challenging and expensive is post production, but don't worry! Hugh will help you to master VR post-production. You will learn how to correctly DIT, online & offline edit, stitching, and color grading. You will learn the professional workflow to monetize your talents. Post-Production CHAPTER FOUR Led by award-winning VR Director, Fifer Garbesi, chapter one is all about storytelling in 360 XR, how to budget and raise money to tell YOUR story. Storytelling CHAPTER ONE

Slide V R O N S E T Behind The Scene Series with Hugh An on-going tutorial series to learn on set with Hugh. You get thrown right in the middle, getting watch the setups, and decisions being made behind tons of large scale VR productions (coming soon) Fb Yt IG

learn vr
learn vr
Special Early Access Price: $150
Price will increase to $200 in April for official launch! (monthly update)
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