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Oculus Quest 2: 8K 360VR Commercial We filmed the Oculus Quest 2 launch commercial using Insta360 Titan and Z Cam K2Pro for Facebook. This commercial is in 8K X 8K 3D 360 - one of the highest resolution VR video ever made. Read The Story 3D VR180 & VR360 Music Video We worked with artists like I Prevail, Joyner Lucas, SHAED, and Cypress Hill to create their immersive music video experience. Read The Story Travel Documentary in VR From Japan to Costa Rica, Abu Dhabi to Hong Kong, we travel and film story-driven VR documentaries for non-profit organizations like the Special Olympics and Forest Connection. Read The Story VR Training We create VR training video for nursing schools, restaurant staff, and filmmakers. We believe in VR training is the future of education. Read The Story 8K 360° Livestream Livestream your event or concert? Do it in Virtual Reality 360°. We livestream 360° for big music festival like Los Angeles Jazz Fest and live sport events like FOXSport PBC fight on Oculus Venues. Let us bring your event LIVE in VR! Read The Story Historical Events in VR From the Black Lives Matter Protest in Washington DC to the SSC Tuatara breaking the world record speed - we were there capturing the moment in 360VR. Let's us film your moment in VR and tell your unique stories. Read The Story

Slide 8K 3D 360° / VR180 Commercials We provide full service VR video commerial creation from concept to delivery. What makes CreatorUp different from others is the quality and resolution of the video we can capture for you. That is why clients like Oculus / Facebook, Google and Huawei love to work with us for their high-end VR commercials.

The above Ocululs Quest 2 launch commercial for Facebook is in 3D 6K X 6K 60fps delivery. This is one of the many examples we can create for your business.
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Slide Narrative & Documentary Film in Virtual Reality As an original VR studio, we have an award-winning creative team that will help bring your script and story to life in VR.

"Los Guardianes" is a VR documentary for Forest Connection (NGO) to tell the story of Costa Rica’s Corcovado National Park, where the generations-old tradition of animal tracking and cutting edge artificial intelligence intersect. Meet the rangers, biologists, and engineers paving new ways to help protect the rainforest from threats, and how the technology of tomorrow gives power to the methods of the past.

We also traveled 10 countries in 3 months and produced 32 pieces of 360° documentaries for Samsung VR and the Special Olympics World Game in 2019. Contact us for more info.
Slide VR Music Video What to give your fans an immersive experiences that like no other? CreatorUp creates unique VR experience for musical artists such as I Prevail, Joyner Lucas, SHAED, Cypress Hill, and the Wu-Tang Clan!

We will start with your idea, build what is possible within your budget, film & edit, and even help you release onto YouTube VR and Oculus TV. We have 300K+ fans who can help drive your initial views. CreatorUp is the only VR studio that come with built-in audiences and can help bring you exposure on top of your existing audiences. We are artists & musicians too, we get it.

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Slide VR Training: Soft & Technical Skills We create professional VR trainings for corporations, film schools, universities, and healthcare providers.

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Slide 360 VR Livestream: 4K & 8K This is an example 360 livestream we did on YouTube VR / Oculus Venues with Grammy-winning artist Printz Board, a founding member of Black Eyed Peas, and Flight of Voices.
We also help created the FOX Sports: PBC boxing champions VR live stream on Oculus Venues.

CreatorUp team is very well-versed in 360 VR live stream and brings some of the biggest events in the world to VR headsets. Contact us today and stream your concert or live events in VR!
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Slide Special Events Our VR filmmaking team is one of the best in the world, trusted by camera manufacturers like Insta360, GoPro and Kandao.

This historical moment was captured in VR. We reframed this VR experience in 2D. It was shared by Top Gear and received over 6M+ views in 2 weeks! We can help you go viral too!
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Slide São Paulo in 360°, as seen in Forbes This immersive travel piece is in Forbes as one of the Top 25 YouTube VR Videos Of 2019. Read more in Forbes HERE HIRE US Watch on oculus tv Next destination
Slide Tokyo, Japan in VR 🏆 Awards: FireFox Reality Top Picks 2019, Dreamland XR Best Travel Experience, YouTube VR Best of 2019.
This is a multi-award winning VR experience that was featured on both Google VR and FireFox Reality. On YouTube VR alone we have 245,000 views. The piece is licensed on multiple non-profit VR apps that help people in hospitals, hospices, and senior homes, allowing their patients to visit Tokyo virtually.
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Slide 360° Tranquil Experience: Earth from Above This special piece contains footage from Costa Rica and China. Forbes named it as one of the TOP VR videos in 2020 (read more: HERE )

Film Awards
🏆 Winner: The American Film Award 2020 (NYC)
🏆 Winner: China VR/AR/MR Festival
🏆 Winner: Southern California Drone Film Festival 2021
🏆 Winner: Boston Drone Film Festival 2021 - 360° video category

On YouTube VR, the video has more than 170,000 visits. On Oculus TV, it is one of the most popular 360 videos with more than 100,000 VR headset views.
It shows our creative use on 360 aerial capture, which is a capture technique perfected by Hugh. Immersive videographers around the world are learning and using this new technique, which has moved the VR industry forward.
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Slide Abu Dhabi - 8K 3D 360° Guided VR Travel Documentary This unique guided virtual travel experience is a great example of what CreatorUp can do for your city.
It was featured on Googe VR's front page and has more than 300,000 views. CreatorUp is the only studio that can create the VR experience for you and promo it to gain views on our channels. We know getting views in VR is hard, which is why we are a audience-first content studio. More views mean more people can see your story worldwide.
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Slide Athens Greece in 8K 3D 360° VR We are the only studio that understands how to get the highest resolution on Oculus Quest 2 to enable cached playback in 8K 3D 360. This is a feature only Oculus original content can do. If you need to capture the highest resolution VR experience, CreatorUp is one of the the only studios that can deliver that in 8K 3D 360.
We are one of the few content studios that own the VR cameras Insta360 Titan and Kandao Obsidian Pro, which are the highest-end capturing devices in the industry.
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NEXT VR TRAVEL IN Virtualize Your City or Resort We will create & share your city to our 200K+ subs VR channel

Aerial 360 City Virtual Tour São Paulo Brazil Award-winning 360 photography HIRE US 3D 360 Travel Virtual Tour Lycabettus Hill Cafe Athens, Greece Not only we shoot great photo. We can get your business discovered on Facebook via our 360 page. See on Facebook 450776 Views 2300 Likes on Facebook 730+ Shared on Facebook 110 Comments 360 Real Estate Virtual Tour $6M Luxury House Bel Air, California We specialize in high-end Virtual Tour. Hire Us 360° PHOTO VIRTUAL TOUR

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CreatorUp has help many brands to create 360 VR solution to tell their authentic stories. Let us tell your unique story in 360 VR!

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We train more than 70K creators

Besides our YouTube channel creatorup, we also provide in-person training to help your team to create 360 VR solution. Check out our VR filmmaking masterclass

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More than just shooting

We work with clients from start to finish to help them come up with the best cost-effective production in VR. Say bye to costly VR production

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We have a huge following on Oculus TV and YouTube VR. We can help you to release your VR video on our platform to gain more views. Or we can help you to built VR experiences with our Unity / Unreal development Team.

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I found Hugh Hou’s CreatorUp to be invaluable, from stitching and editing to ambisonic audio mixing. His in-depth tutorials really helped cut through the complexities and get me to a point where I could produce the Royal Air Force’s first 360 immersive experience. Many of the techniques required aren’t well-publicised so Hugh’s content helped tremendously in gaining that needed knowledge.

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We’re grateful to the entire team at CreatorUp for embracing the spirit of Special Olympics wholeheartedly and bringing the full force of their creative energy to this project.The result is a radically new kind of content which truly impacts the way people around the world see people of determination.

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A fantastic team of professionals who delivered an outstanding product on a very aggressive schedule.

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